Driven by Passion – Talal Al Rashed x Lincoln Navigator


Persistence, dedication, willpower, and desire are essential components to drive your life’s passion. At Lincoln, we resonate with individuals who embody an understated confidence, seek refinement while breaking away from the norm and set a path on a journey to fulfill their life’s goals. We welcome those looking for the road less travelled, or an abstract approach to achievement and fulfillment.

In our new series, ‘Driven by Passion,’ we connect with individuals in the region who have taken challenges head on, pushed a little further to achieve their dreams, and truly understand what it means to take flight, stand out, and master their craft.

In our first installment, we partnered with Talal Al Rashed, Founder of The Contourage, who tells his story with the All-New Lincoln Navigator.

About Talal Al Rashed

A Kuwaiti entrepreneur and founder of The Contourage, a content creation and brand building firm that works with clients in the F&B and Hospitality space.

As a trusted source and consultant to the industry, Talal has worked with luxury hotels across the world offering a range of services including hospitality consultancy, branding and positioning, and straightforward, honest reviews to connect with regional clientele.

A true connector at heart, Talal always knew he wanted to pursue a career where he engages with a time trusted element – connecting with people. Having held previous operations positions in a family business, Talal decided to follow his passion, pursue a career where he could simply do what he loves – bring people and brands together to create meaningful experiences.