Driven by Passion – Mohamed Majid Al Mazroua x Lincoln Navigator


Persistence, dedication, willpower, and desire are essential components to drive your life’s passion. At Lincoln, we resonate with individuals who embody an understated confidence, seek refinement while breaking away from the norm and set a path on a journey to fulfill their life’s goals. We welcome those looking for the road less travelled, or an abstract approach to achievement and fulfillment.

In our new series, ‘Driven by Passion,’ we connect with individuals in the region who have taken challenges head on, pushed a little further to achieve their dreams, and truly understand what it means to take flight, stand out, and master their craft.

In our third installment, we partnered with Mohamed Majid Al Mazroua, Director Air Navigation Services, Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) in Sharjah, who tells his story with the All-New Lincoln Navigator.

About Mohamed Majid Al Mazroua

Always one step ahead of the curve, Mohamed knew he had always wanted to pursue a career in aviation. Mohamed graduated from high school in 1999 and in 2000, he enrolled in the Emirates Airlines Aviation Engineering Program, which was specifically offered to UAE nationals and for many, was a pathway towards a safe and stable career with a prominent organization.

However, he was always a bit of a rebel and knew that the pilot training program was more of what he was looking for and made the switch. After undergoing training, Mohamed spent over 16 years as a pilot for Emirates Airlines, where he was able to travel the world, fly the iconic Airbus A-380 and see his home, the UAE from above.

In 2017, Mohamed joined The Department of Civil Aviation in Sharjah to oversee its day to day operations. Having had the experience in the air, Mohamed was excited to continue his journey in aviation from a different perspective but still have the excitement and honour of working for his country and contribute to its continued development.