The interiors are an absolute visual treat. The vehicles dramatic horizontal lines accentuated by details like Pinstripe Aluminum or Paldao Wood. On the right side of the Vision steering wheel, you’ll find buttons for your music, phone and more that illuminate as needed to guide you. And each time you return, you can recall your Personal Profile Settings by pressing an assigned Memory Seat Button on the driver’s door, or by using Key fob or through the Sync 3 touchscreen.


Receive a warm welcome every time you head out for a drive. The Lincoln Embrace adds a human touch to your vehicle as it slowly illuminates as you approach the vehicle.


Set the lighting of the car to your mood. Lincoln Corsair lets you personalize the interior color lighting. You can choose from several different color choices to light up spaces like cup holders, front door handles and more. Whether you want to energize your drive or create a relaxed ambience, evoke a unique feeling every time you get behind the wheel.

Panoramic Vista Roof


Soak into the beauty that surrounds you. The Lincoln Corsair comes with a Panoramic Vista Roof with power sunshade, that not just lets you enjoy the beautiful outdoors but also adds a spacious and airy feel to the interiors, giving you plenty of open breathing room and the much-desired headspace.


Intelligence is opening and closing the liftgate without using your hands or pressing any buttons. Just kick your leg forward and back under the center of the rear bumper, step back and see the gate open. To close simply kick again.


With every journey you take, you can take comfort in the fact that Lincoln has your back. The leather-rimmed seats reinforce your posture and conform to your body offering you luxurious comfort all the way.


The Lincoln Corsair, with its spacious truck, comfortably packs all that you and your family needs to make your trip a memorable one.