Genuine Parts

Genuine Parts

The parts in your vehicle go to work every time you hit the road. Just as the people who work on your vehicle should be qualified and well-trained experts, the parts they use in the repair should be designed, engineered and recommended specifically for your vehicle.

When you use replacement parts designed, engineered and recommended by Ford Motor Company, there is no question about quality, fit or function. They are backed by a Ford Motor Company warranty and supported by the Ford Dealer network.

Genuine Parts

Insist on Ford Original Equipment Parts

We manufacture our replacement parts to the same high standards as our vehicles. Because with more than 100 years’ experience in vehicle manufacture, we know how important it is to keep your Ford 100 percent Ford.

A part that fits properly and is designed for your vehicle will not only help it perform better, but it willl last longer – which means you’ll save money by replacing fewer parts less often.

Ford and Motorcraft® Remanufactured Parts

Ford and Motorcraft Remanufactured Parts are also excellent choices when it comes to performance, longevity and value. And they are backed by a Ford Motor Company limited parts warranty*, so you know the parts you use are going to perform as they should.

See your Ford or Lincoln Dealer for specific information on part numbers and pricing.

The Ford perforation warranty for the whole vehicle only remains valid if Ford original parts are used for repairs.

*See dealership for limited parts warranty details.


The Advantages of Ford Original Equipment Parts.


We’re determined to ensure your Ford protects you, your passengers and pedestrians. So Ford original parts are designed, manufactured and tested to meet and, in many instances, exceed statutory safety and emissions standards.



All parts of your Ford are designed to work together for optimum performance, complete comfort and maximum fuel efficiency. The same goes for Ford original parts, which are manufactured to the same strict specifications as our factory-fitted parts.



Ford original parts’ high standards of design and manufacture ensure the very best fit and finish, reliability and performance. They’re designed to fit perfectly without forcing, gaps or distortion, providing the same finish as production parts.



Keep your Ford 100 percent Ford, and you may be glad you did so, when you come to sell it. Insisting on Ford original parts could help maintain its resale value.



Your Ford Warranty gives you complete peace of mind, whether for service, repairs, bodywork, or Ford Accessories. All repairs are carried out in line with the highest quality standards.

And if you decide to sell your Ford, the transferable warranty is an added benefit for the new owner.



It’s easy to spot an authentic Ford original part by its branding. Our recognizable trademark is displayed in a prominent position.


Choose The Right Parts

Whether it’s service at the dealership or a repair you do yourself, the parts you use make a difference. If you work on your vehicle yourself, or if you have someone else service your vehicle, you should always use parts specifically designed and engineered to perform like the ones that came on your vehicle – Ford Motor Company Genuine Parts and Motorcraft® Parts. You’ll get the best performance and longevity out of your repair.

Counterfeit Parts.

Ford Motor Company takes the issue of counterfeit parts very seriously and works to prevent counterfeit parts from making their way into the marketplace and onto your vehicle. Counterfeiting is a worldwide phenomenon and Ford Motor Company deploys resources around the world to protect our brand and you, our consumers.

To learn more about our efforts to protect you, click here: