An Experience that’s Guaranteed to Impress

Revel® Ultima audio

Designers created the available Revel® Ultima System to reproduce the emotion and sound of a live music experience. The system’s 19 speakers are designed with innovative point source architecture for precise imaging. Three unique sound modes – Stereo, Audience and On Stage – let you customize your listening experience, while proprietary spectral and power management technologies ensure extraordinary fidelity at any volume. The result is sound so rich, clear and authentic, it’s like having a front-row seat at a concert.


22-way power multicontour seats

The available 22-way multicontour seats with Active Motion® help reduce driver and front-passenger muscle fatigue. Massage functionality in the cushion and lower back can operate independently or together and the intensity of the massage for both the cushion and the back is adjustable between low and high.

Power cushion thigh extender

The driver and front passenger can both adjust the contour and fit of the available 22-way multicontour seats, which also offer power cushion thigh extension and four-way power head restraints.

Continuously controlled damping

Lincoln Drive Control with continuously controlled damping constantly monitors the road; the suspension reacts on average within 20 milliseconds, providing a smooth ride with enhanced handling. Drivers can use Lincoln Drive Control to select from sport, comfort and normal drive modes to personalize their experience.